William and Foreign Countries

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  • William II and Foreign Parties
    • Aquitaine
      • William was allied with Duke William IX of Aquitaine. Together, the pair fought Fulk of Anjou and co-operated against Philip of France. William also funded William's trip to the Crusades, in exchange for full control of Aquitaine, although William died before this was agreed
    • Wales
      • in 1095, anti-English sentiment and a desire to expand the English borders culminated in William's invasion of Wales. However he shortly left the same year to deal with Robert De Mowbray
      • As a result, William was distracted, allowing the rebels to increase their power. By the time he returned in 1097, William's armies were hounded by Guerilla tactics and forced out of Wales
    • Scotland
      • Scotland had always been a problem.  William I had interfered with political standing in the country, deposing Macbeth and imposing Malcolm
      • Malcolm however, saw the death of William and the subsequent rise of Rufus as a chance. In 1091, shortly after the treaty of Rouen, he invaded. He was met by the brothers and a treaty was signed securing Rufus' recognition as king
      • However, another rebellion by Malcolm occured, which saw him march soldiers over the border in 1093, in anger at the money he recieved being too small. He was headed off by Robert De Mowbray and subsequently killed
    • Maine
      • Robert of Belleme was an ally of William II since the 1088 Rebellion.
      • A rebel called Helias had been causing problems in Maine, so William offered to held deal with him, alongside the conflict with Fulk of Anjou at the same time in 1098. The result was a return of William I's Maine estates to William
      • However, Helias later broke the terms in 1099, but William swiftly returned and punished all involved
    • The Vexin
      • William took an interet in the Vexin area outside of Paris in 1097. He believed he was entitled to take it as reparation for an injury sustained by his father whilst fighting the King of France there
      • In 1097, William took an army to the region of around 10,000 men, including Guy of La Roche-Guyon. He ordered the building of castles, but left in 1098 to fight Helias. He returned in September, although up to the end of the war was characterised by little progress and little fighting
    • Normandy
      • William's brother Robert was given the Duchy of Normandy under William I's will, angering Robert
      • There was large tension between the pair, until they were able to settle their differences at the treaty of Rouen in 1091. This agreed:
        • Both men became the heir of respective kingdoms if the other brother died
        • Both men got land within the others territory
        • Robert got money
      • Tension again mounted later into William's rule, however, it was finally sorted when William funded Robert's trip to the crusades in exchange for full control of Normandy


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