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  • William Harvey
    • Facts
      • Born in 1578
      • Studied medicine at Cambridge and then at a medical school in Padua
      • in 1615 he became a lecture of anatomy at the College of Physicians - 1618 he was a royal doctor for king James I
      • He taught his students that it was important to observe the body and believe waht they saw rather thenbelieving what can been written in classical texts.
      • he had a keen interest in dissection and observing the human body
    • Discoveries
      • Harvey's research involved dissecting human corpses and cutting open cold blooded animals.
        • This meant that they had a much slower heart beat, to observe the movement of their blood while they are alive.
          • from this he discovered that arteries and veins were linked together in one system
      • He found that blood only flowed towards the heart
      • He found that blood must pass from arteries to veins through tiny passages that were invisible to the human eye
    • impacts
      • He encouraged other scientist to experiment on actual bodies
      • he made people have a better understanding of antomy and how the human body functions


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