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  • Wildlife Conservation
    • Biomimetics
      • Knowledge of how species have adapted to survive, and the application to human engineering
        • Humpback whale pectoral fin design in ships for manoeuvrability
        • Shark skin grooves in swimsuits, boats and aircraft for less friction
        • Bird wing design in aircraft wings
    • Economic
    • Food
    • Asthetics
    • Medicine
      • Physiological Research
        • Many species have been used for physiological research to benefit humans
        • Armadillo for leprosy vaccines
        • Squid  for  nerve function
        • Sea urchin embryos for drug teratology
          • Teratology: the  study of the causes of birth defects
      • New Medicines
        • Many plants, mainly tropical, produce biologically active chemicals which can be used to treat human disease
        • Mexican wild yam -  diosgenin for steroid medicines
        • Rosy periwinkle - cancer treatments
        • Yew tree - taxol, for breast cancer treatment
        • Poppies - painkillers and morphine
        • Cinchona tree - malaria protection
    • Morals
      • The belief that other organisms have the right to life, and it is wrong to kill them
    • Ethics
      • In less economically developed countries many people have no alternative but to kill wild animals as their food source.


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