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  • wildfires
    • Uncontrolled fires that destroy areas of vegetation
    • 3 types of wildfire
      • Surface fire
        • Leaf litter and low lying vegetation burns. High or low intensity
      • Ground fire
        • Ground itself burns. Slow smoldering fire, no flame or smoke
      • Crown fire
        • Fire moves rapidly though the canopy. intense and fast moving
    • Conditions
      • Climate and recent weather
        • Need sufficient rainfall for vegetation to grow so there's plenty of fuel
        • warm dry weather casues water in vegetation to dry up = more flammable
      • Fuel charactersitics
        • Fine, dry material catch fire and burn easily
      • Fire behaviour
        • Fires can throw out burning debris which helps fire spread
      • Vegetation type
        • Thick undergrowth & closley spaced trees allow fire to travel further
    • Natural causes
      • Lightning
      • Volcanic eruptions
    • Human causes
      • Humans
        • sometimes arson


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