Wild oats

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  • Wild oats
    • Overview: 2 girls he prefers one but goes for the other as he thinks the other is out of reach. Critics think this is about Larkin himself.
    • Themes: relationships, love, women, illusion and reality, disappointment.
    • Title: sex, sowing seeds, but instead is In a long term relationship with no fun. Contrast with title and poem.
    • 'Bosomy English rose'= attracted to sexual element, cliché.
      • Intimadtaed by the vision of beauty
        • Suggest lack of confidence
    • 'Her friend in specs'= objectifying women, derogatory.
    • 'Faces' 'sparkled the whole shooting match-off'= very superficial, attracted to appearance.
    • Stanza 2: dismissed 7 year relationship in a few lines.
    • 'Gave a ten-guinea ring'= cheap tacky, shows how he isn't bothered, not investing much.
    • 'Unknown clergy'= ashamed of her, symbolising his intentions not to marry.
    • 'Parting about 5 times'= lack of passion, dysfunctional, 5 times to get words out, 5 times to break up.
    • 'Unlucky charms'= some sort of comfort usually, sign of own failure, reminds him to lower expectations.
    • Revealing things about speaker of poem, misogynistic.


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