Wider listening- Handel's Messiah (Ein Feste Burg)

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  • Music- Wider Listening (Bach) 'And the glory of the Lord'
    • Melody
      • Use of imitation
      • Syllabic with some melismas
      • perfect cadences throughout
      • use of ornamentation
    • Harmony and tonality
      • The piece is in the key of A major
      • diatonic chords
    • Structure
      • Four motifs used
        • I. 'And the Glory, the Glory of the Lord'
        • II. 'Shall be re-veal-ed'
        • III. 'And all flesh shall see it together'
        • IV. 'For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it'
      • Chorus follows a basic plan:
        • 1. Presentation and development of the first two motifs
          • B1-43
        • 2. Presentation and development of the next two motifs
          • B43-73
        • 3. Combination of all four motifs
    • Rhythm, Tempo and metre
      • 3/4 rhythm
      • some use of hemiolas
      • marked allegro
    • Instruments
      • SATB choir
      • String continuo
    • Texture
      • mainly homophonic
      • some polyphony


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