Why study developmental psychology - 2nd Year

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  • Why/How to study developmentalpsychology
    • Why
      • Intrinsically interesting
      • Enriches our understanding of human nature
      • Support/Inform child welfare and practice
    • How
      • Observation
        • Draw inferences for new hypotheses
        • Difficult to apply to naturalistic setting - different setting may have another outcome
        • May mistake child for not developed, when perform not how we expect
      • Positivist
        • Formulates Q, tests it under controlled conditions
        • Differences in natural setting?
      • Constructivist
        • Interaction and context important. Gives wide validity.
        • Not generalisable.
      • Cross-sectional
        • Compares different age groups, rich data.
        • Must be matched otherwise other things can interfere
        • Cohort effects?
      • Longitudinal
        • Same individual/s, rich data.
        • More time and resources
        • Cannot generalise and Ss may become sophisticated from exposure to repeated testing
    • Important
      • Language
      • Memory
      • Setting
      • Individual differences
      • Ethics


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