Why 13 years of Conservative rule?

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  • Why 13 years of Conservative rule? Churchill, Eden, Macmillan, Home
    • Conservative economic policies
      • By 1955 they had full employment
        • Main aim of postwar Conservatives. Public happy when economy is good. Good reputation - led to prosperity.
    • The problems of the Labour Party
      • The birth of 'Revisionism' on the Labour Right
        • This was argued strongly in "The Future of Socialism" by Andrew Crosland in 1956.
          • This is called 'Social Democracy'. Some thought they were retreating from ideas and didn't like it...seemed weak
      • Labour's civil war
        • TRADE UNIONS - Frank Cousins attacking Gaitskell, stopped him nationalising industries. Also nuclear disarmament LEFT (Bevan) = FOR, RIGHT = AGAINST (Gaitskell)
          • Showed that Party was deteriorating.
      • The birth of the 'Bevanites' on the Labour Left
        • Anuerin Bevan, who set up the NHS, resigned due to Right's changes.
          • These divisions kept them out of power throughout the 1950's and by 1960 they were still bad.
    • The acceptance of the postwar consensus
      • EG Churchill had been very anti socialist in his career and had rejected Labour's changes in 1945 but in 1951 he "accepted the essential core of the British New Deal" (Peter Hennessey)
        • They changed because they knew this would win them votes. Some e.g. Butler, wanted these changes.
    • British prosperity
      • Between 1957-60, spending on durable goods went up by 50%
        • Boom meant ordinary people were better off than ever before. As Macmillan said they had "never had it so good". Gov. took credit for this - public voted as they knew they were better off.




Nice work, thank you for sharing.

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