Why was there a Revolution in 1917? Russia

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  • Why was there a revolution in March 1917?
    • Rasputin
      • Left with Tsarina after the Tsar leaves for war
        • Rumours of Tsarina having an affair begin
    • War
      • Over eight million killed
      • Lack of industrial materials
        • Lack of Bread
      • Tsar makes himself CoM of the Army
        • Leaves wife and children at home with Rasputin
        • All blame for war mistakes on him
        • Tsarina left to run the country
          • Tsarina strongly disliked
      • Soldiers Deserting
    • Widespread Poverty
    • Political Opposition
      • Social Democrats
        • Bolsheviks
        • Mensheviks
      • Kadets
      • Social Revolutionaries
    • Tsar
      • New very little about his people
      • Believed only in autocracy
      • Never had an opinion of his own
    • Protests
      • Petrograd Soldiers refuse to shoot rioters
    • Food and supply prices rising
      • Wages not increasing
      • Working hours increased


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