Charles X failures

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  • Why was there a revolution in 1830?
    • Charles' Personality and poor politics
      • Had a traditional, clerical coronation at Rheims
      • Visited hospitals to heal with his kings touch - similar to pre-revolution
      • 1824 abolished yearly elections and increased the terms deputies served
        • Created a chamber suited to his politics, not the people's
      • 1825 passed a law compensating emigres for land lost in 1789
        • Paid for by reducing interest on government bonds, losing money for the pays legal
      • 1826 abolished press freedom
        • Bought up newspapers, increased stamp duties
        • Went against the Charter
      • Poor ministers
        • Kicked out Villele after 1827 Liberal majority
        • Appointed Martignac and Polignac
        • Ministers suited him, not the people
      • 1830 dissolved the chamber and lost 60 seats
      • 1830 Four Ordinances, banned press, dissolved parliament, restricted electorate and called election
      • Did not organise troops and fled to England
      • Disbanded NG - still armed and annoyed
    • Religious Factors
      • Encouraged Jesuits - against freedom of religion
      • Heresy and Sacrialige capital offences
      • 1824 bishops responsible for nominating teachers
      • Gave religion more of a role in society - like the ancien regime
    • Economic Factors
      • Bread doubled in price
      • High living costs
      • Industrial recession, high unemployment
      • Bankruptcies and wage cuts for artisans
      • Protests over high taxes
      • Cheap imports priced out French produce
    • Opposition
      • Moderates joined opposition
      • Opposition papers set up e.g. Le National - read by Artisans and Pays Legal
      • Societies set up e.g. Aide Toi 1827 by Guizot
      • National Guard disliked him - opposition fighting force
      • Encouraged people to vote Liberal


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