Why was there a flowering of the arts in the Elizabethan Era?

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  • Why was there a flowering of the arts
    • Royal and noble patronage
      • Growth of theatre
      • Companies of players formed under various noblemen
        • Lord Chamberlains Men
          • Shakespeare
        • Earl of Liesters players
        • Queen Elizabeth's Men
        • Lord Admiral Howards Company
          • Marlowe
      • Needed patronage to gaina license to perform
      • Government controlled what was performed
      • Permanent theaters in London under Royal license
        • The Globe and The Fortune
    • The invention of the Printing Press - 1476
      • Mainly published knightly romances and religious work
      • 'First genuine literary movement'
      • Stimulated desire to read
        • literacy rates increased
      • Government controlled what was published
    • Expansion of education
      • Desirable to read and write
        • Demand for education grew
      • Parish schools taught reading and writing in english
      • Grammar schools teach latin to prepare for university
      • Sons of Aristocracy home-schooled
      • Oxford and Cambridge only universities in England
      • By 1593 half of the House of Commons were uni graduates
    • Growth of London
      • Wealthy
      • subsiding artistic ventures
      • Court was the  chief inspiration for art
      • Home of theaters and printing press
    • Wealth
      • growing awareness of prosperity and stability
      • exchange of cultural ideas with Europe
      • Increase in trade
      • Investment in art/plays/ music
    • Protestant reformation
      • Inspired artists
      • Defense of new church inspired literature
      • Boosted Cult of Gloriana
      • Central theme of Shakespeare plays


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