why was the English bible placed in every parish church from 1536

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  • Why was the English Bible placed in every parish church from 1536
    • Reform
      • Cromwell (Henry's chief advisor) was a reformer
        • Allowed him to reform church beliefs.
        • Closet Lutheran ?
      • Able to show that some Catholic doctrine e.g. purgatory wasn't in the Bible - Church corrupt ?
      • allowed the spread of anti-clericalism and reinforced reformist ideas
    • Royal Supremacy
      • A Latin Bible represented the Catholic Church
        • Henry needed to show England was not under Pope
      • Showed Henry had control of the church - communicated his supremacy
      • People could witness the flow of power from God to Henry
        • Henry believed his title was given to him by God
    • Laity
      • Commoners could read/understand bible - Henry understood the need for this
      • Growth of literacy and import of bibles from Europe - wealth had access
      • they would be able to question C.Church teaching


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