Why did the Montgomery Bus Boycott Succeed?

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  • Why was the Bus Boycott a success?
    • gained unanimous support of ordinary black man and women
    • chance to participate in activity that avoided danger
    • display of unity and stamina
    • showed they could organise a protest
    • cooperate with each other with minimal white participation
    • showed that peaceful protest was the answer
    • went on for a year
    • gave way to new leaders of the civil rights movement
    • no black people on the buses or bus stops
    • definance-not afraid
    • took away fear
    • people who used the buses a lot going to meetings
    • white became sympathetic to boycott
    • other state broke down segregation
    • self-respect
    • blacks got on buses sitting on front seats
    • ·         1956 superintendent of a local hospital told a reported that since the boycott began, the hospital had had fewer such patients  


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