Why was Machuria a failure for the League of Nations

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  • Why was Manchuria a failure for the League?
    • It shows the self interest of Britain and France
      • They weren't prepares to send troops or spend money to sort out a problem that is in an area of the world they are not heavily involved in,
    • Japan leaves the League
      • This is embarrassing as she is one of the permanent members of the council so should be the biggest supporter of the League,
      • It shows that even the main members of the League are not prepared to uphold its values if it suits their interests not to,
    • It sends a message to other aggressive countries that the League is powerless to stop them
      • Italy will take over Abyssinia,
      • Germany will remilitarise the Rhineland,
    • It highlights the problems with economic sanctions
      • The USA is Japan's main trading partner so they are useless,
      • Countries like Britain and France dont want their trade affected,
    • This is the first major failure for the League but it is 'swept under the carpet' as it was so far away from Europe,


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