Why upgrade and the ipmact

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  • Why Upgrade and the Impact
    • Hardware
      • Compatibility Issues
      • Increased Pwoer and Capacity/more efficient
      • Cost
      • Able to select specific devices to suit the companies needs
      • Better Features
    • Software
      • Compatability Issues
      • Can have bespoke software
        • Assistive Technoligies for the disabled
      • Cost
      • Support Maintiance
      • E-Commerce
    • Procedures
      • Company will need to update their procedures to get maxium use out of their new system
    • Policies
      • Policies need to be updated
        • Covering internet usage, DPA, email and CMA
    • Impact
      • Staff need training
        • Specialist Skills will be needed
          • Cost of Training
            • May be reduncies
        • Staff not always happy to change
        • Staff may be able to work remotly from home
      • Extra Cost


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