why the league of nations was set up

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  • Why the League of Nations was set up
    • To stop war
      • The League wanted to see the Great war as the war that ended all wars.
      • The idea was to use collective security where by an attack on one member country would be viewed as an attack on all.
    • To improve peoples lives
      • Provide jobs
      • Provide healthcare
      • Encourage trade
      • Improve working conditions
      • To help minorities. eg. refugees, slaves, women
    • Disarmament
      • The aim of the League was for all countries to reduce their military capability to a minimum
    • To enforce the Treaty of Versailles
      • Despite the treaty being far from perfect it was important for the League to support it. Otherwise there could well have been chaos.
      • So that all countries were seen as singing from the same hymn sheet they all had to sign the couenant of the League.


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