Why Exclusion Failed

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  • Why the Exclusion Failed
    • Tories - FASAP
      • Propaganda; L'Estrange's publishing and Robert Filmer's 'Partriarcha' emphasised the divine right idea
      • Allies- Lords (defeated 2nd Exclusion Bill 63 to 60 in 1680) also popular support (Zook)
      • Finance- support from Louis XIV (£40,000 and £115,000) allowed Charles to resist promise of £600,000
      • Arrests- persecution of Whigs- removing radicals from public office (Harris)
      • Scotland- Succession Act of 1681 solidified James in Scotland and brought fear of civil war
    • Whigs- RES
      • Radicalism- the Whig cause was seen as too radical (Zook)  as espousing Monarchy e.g. '1641 all over again' (Scott)
      • Elite- Whigs were not regular people and had trouble explaining their cause; commons 'supreme'
      • Support- (Harris and Knights) support wavered towards Tories. They had no threat of revolt


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