Why prohibition should be banned

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  • Why should Prohibition be banned?
    • There was domestic violence of men beating up women and children when drunk,
    • Babies may stop being born with problems if women stopped drinking,
    • It would save marriages that split up over alcohol,
    • By 1914, 12/48 states were dry and by 1918, 75% were so it was a small step to increase this to all states in 1920,
    • Rural areas and the South were religious and conservative and lead a traditional life so didn't like alcohol,
    • It would reduce the amount of deaths caused by alcohol like liver damage,
    • Reduce aggression against people cause by alcohol and would reduce crime,
    • It would stop alcoholics from getting into debt,
    • Many politicians supported prohibition to gain votes of rural and southern states,
    • During the war, grain was needed for food and not beer and leading brewers in the USA-Pabst and Busch were German so people were told not to buy=patriotic,
    • It would prevent deprivation of families and it would stop parents drinking so more time with kids and could buy clothes and food,
    • It stops workers from taking days off due to being hangover so it saves industries money
    • Religious reasons- It was against God,


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