Why organised crime grew 1919-1929

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  • Why organised crime expanded so much 1919 to 1929.
    • Prohibiton.
      • Provided ideal conditions for organised crime to grow bigger and gain responsibility.
      • Impossible to enforce, alcohol trade driven underground- flourished due to continued demand for alcohol.
      • Producing, importing and distributing alcohol was taken over by private individuals and criminal gangs. Bootleggers had sophisticated and well financed networks.
        • Bootleggers expanded, millions of Americans including the corrupt police force with no intention of obeying the law.
      • The lack of intervention by police allowed gangs to grow and compete- leading to strong acts of violence caused by gang rivalry.
    • Unemployment.
      • Increasing, and gangsterism caused by prohibition was an easy way to make money.
      • Farmers lost work due to grain not needed due to prohibition, also bars and liquor companies.
      • Al Capone and John Dillinger looked upon as heroes and were idolised.
        • Even the press gave them headlines.
    • Immigration and urbanisation.
      • Caused particular immigrant settlements with ethnic loyalties to groups such as Italians and Irish-Americans.
        • This allowed large networks of crime to be created.


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