why non religious people believe in life after death

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  • Why non religious people believe in life after death
    • Some people need confirmation that this life is not all there is.
      • Many non religious people are interested in mediums and ghost hunting
    • Near death experiences - patients pronounced dead, yet live. Describe leaving their bodies and seeing themselves
      • Some report seeing family members who have already died or a bright light. There are convinced this evidence of an afterlife.
    • Ghosts - have not travelled onto the next place. They can appear in physical presences or in feelings and sense that someone is with you.
      • It is believed that some ghosts haunt the living, while others are just trying to contact the living
    • Contacting the dead. Some mediums claim to be able to do this. People attend seances to speak to the dead.
      • Some believe that it is faked to take advantage of those who are grieving.
    • Reincarnation, though a generally religious reason is one why non religious people in life after death.
      • deja vu or memories of past lives


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