International Cooperation on Climate Change

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  • Why international cooperation on climate change is hard to achieve
    • 'Collective good' and national interest
      • Adaption and mitigation is expensive
        • States are encouraged to be 'free riders'
      • Cost to the economy
        • Especially for developed states e.g. USA
      • Demorcacy
        • Party competition such as Congress
          • Clinton- didn't agree to Kyoto 1997
    • Tensions of developed and developing states
      • 'Solidarity rights' of developing states; the right to develop
      • Climate changewidens North-South divide
        • Targets do not include 'outsourcing'
          • 1/3 of developed countries eminence outside borders
      • North argues targets would be on current emissions only
    • Economic obstacles
      • Radical ecology
        • Captialist modernity does not suit ecology
        • Only eco-anarchism, eco-socialism, eco-feminism can help
      • Fossil fuels - the cheaper option- will always be favoured by TNCs and states
    • Ideological obstacles
      • Materialistic values of society
      • Our systems are geared towards economic growth only
      • So there must be a revisionof values


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