decline in traditional political participation

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  • Why has there been a decline in traditional forms of participation?
    • Media
      • 55% of 18-24 year olds said the televised debates in 2010 influenced their decision.
      • Media misinterprets/distorts political comunication
        • There is a lot of negative coverage/ publicity about MP's eg cash for questions, expenses.
      • People are more influenced by what the hear, see and read.
    • Big struggles have been won
      • Eg. NHS, women's rights
      • There is less of distinction between parties, they don't want to be too extreme.
    • Embourgeoisement
      • Tendency for better off working class to aspire to be more like the middle class in their social and voting behavior
      • In the 1900's Labour lost a lot of support from the working class


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