Why had Stalin amassed power by 1924:

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  • Why had Stalin amassed power by 1924:
    • People's Commissar for Nationalities 1917: This put Stalin in control of the regions of the former Russian Empire that contained minority national groups, half the population of the USSR.
    • Liaison officer between Politburo and Orgburo 1919: This made Stalin the key connection between the 'cabinet' of the government (Politburo) and the highest organisation of the Party (Orgburo).
    • Head of Workers' and Peasants' inspectorate 1919: This was set up to supervise the civil service and expose inefficiency, corruption, red tape and abuses of power. It gave Stalin the right to intervene in any and every area of government.
    • General Secretary of the Communist Party (GSOFCP)1922: This was the most important office he held and possibly the key to Stalin's success in the power struggle. In spite of the 'boring' nature of this administrative post, its responsibilities were very wide.
    • GSOTCP: 1. Responsibility for the membership of the Party: Grew rapidly after Lenin's death with 'Lenin enrolment'. Most poorly educated, allowed Stalin to shape decisions and those needed to be adopted by the party.
    • GSOTCP: 2. The Secretariat prepared the agenda of the meeting and supplied documentation. It also transmitted the decisions to lower parts. Documentations and agendas used to shape Party.


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