Why do people not believe in God?

This mind map contains a number of reasons why people might not believe in God.

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  • Why Don't People Believe In God.
    • There is a always replacement of supernatural explanations of the world with natural ones.
    • They believe there is an inconsistency of world religions.
    • The weakness of religious arguments, explanations, and apologetics.
    • The increasing diminishment of God.
    • The belief that religion could ruin families (e.g. Interfaith marriage)
    • The failure of religion to improve or clarify over time.
    • Believing in a different religion
    • Lack of solid evidence
    • They have other theorems /  beliefs that contradict those of Gods.
    • Because they can't deal with people doubting them and the questions they may get asked.
    • Scared of what people might think of them.
    • Brought up  to not be religious.


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