Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad - Moby - Revision

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  • Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? - Moby
    • Structure
      • Two chord sequences
      • Sequence 1 - Verse 'Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad' - Am, Am, Em, Em, Gm, Gm, D, D
      • Sequence 2 - Chorus 'These Open Doors' - C, C, Am, Am, C, C, Am, Am
    • Melody
      • The actual melody is made up of a vocal sample from a gospel song in 1953
      • The hip-hop beat is also a sample
      • The piano is live
    • Rhythm and Metre
      • Unclear pulse at the beginning
      • 4/4 - Common time
      • Syncopation from sampled instruments and the silent bar provide variety
      • Synthesized strings have sustained chords
      • Hip-hop dance beat rhythm
    • Harmony and Tonality
      • Dorian mode of A  - but it sounds like A minor
      • Harmony is diatonic
    • Music Technology
      • Use of synthesiser
      • Delay, Reverb, EQ and Panning are used there is also background noise that has been left in.
      • He uses Sub-bass to make the club vibrate and to make it a better experience for clubbers
    • Released in 1999
    • Texture
      • Layered textures some call and response in verse 1
      • Texture at the end is reduced back to the first texture of just the first sample


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