Why Does my Heart Feel so Bad? - Moby

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  • Why Does my Heart Feel so Bad? - Moby
    • Rhythm (tempo)
      • 4/4 the accompaniment of the main section Is based on a mostly unchanged drum loop.
    • Harmony
      • very simple and only uses 6 chords. 1st is Am, Em, Gm, Dm
        • the 2nd is C, Am,C, am and the 3rd is: F,C,FC.
      • he didn't use any theoretical techniques to compose the harmony he just listened to which ones sounded nice.
    • Instumentation
      • Two samples from 1953 gospel music. Background used in first sample as it adds emotion
      • Panning, EQ, Reverb and delay are used to enhance the vocals.
      • No live instruments being played, and all instrument sounds were created using a synthesiser.
    • Texture
      • The piece starts with just the piano and one by one the parts are added in, then the texture thins out at the end
    • Tonality
      • at the beginning the piece is C major, but changes to A minor when the female vocals are added
    • Melody
      • the piece has two main melodies, the male and female vocals from 1950s gospel music
    • Dynamics
      • the piece starts mezzo forte then crescendos up to forte when the female vocals first come in. there is a fade out at he end
    • Structure
      • the piece has very simple structure based around 2 simple chord sequences arranged in eight bars.


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