Why do Christians believe about life after death?

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  • Why do Christians believe about life after death?
    • The resurrection of the body occurs at the end of time when Jesus returns.
    • Many Christians would argue that although the body dies, the soul is immediately united with God.
      • Luke: The story of the thief on the cross. Jesus promised that the thief would be with him in paradise that day.
    • Catholic Beliefs
      • Most souls go to purgatory where they experience punishment or purification in order to prepare them for the beatific vision.
        • Beatific vision: The immediate sight and vision of God in heaven.
        • Purgatory: A state or place where souls are purged or purified before entering heaven.
      • As Aquinas believed that a person is a composite of both body and soul,
    • Protestant beliefs
      • More varied then Catholic beliefs.
      • Some thinkers interpret the resurrection as a spiritual event that involves the soul going to God but does not require a physical body.
      • Tend to envisage a heaven that is more like a community where people meet and recognise one another.
      • Some thinkers argue that a resurrection body is present from a present body.


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