why did we go to war?

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  • Why did we go to war 1935-38
    • Chamberlain
      • Policy of APPEASEMENT
        • France and Britain agreed appeasement was the best policy
        • FOR
          • REMEMBERED WW1 remembered deaths and wanted to avoid war happening  again
          • Britain not ready for war, still suffering from ww1
          • 1936 britain started rearming: no match for Germany in 1938
          • general consensus that people believed t.o.v was too harsh on Germany
          • high unemployment and poverty in depression in britain
          • Stay out of foreign policy elsewhere
          • scared of COMMUNISM
          • GERMANY involved in spanish civil war
        • AGAINST
          • It gave hitler an advantage  and time to rearm and remilitarise
          • allowed hitler to break the t.o.v and other policies
            • appeasement was cowardice
              • hindsight
          • chamberlain misjudged hitler, thought he would be normal and not disregard everything
          • did not stop war from happening :0
    • sudeten crisis and munich agreement 1938
      • hitler took plans further; set hiis sights on the new country of czechoslovakia
        • area in czechoslovakia called sudetenland= german speaking people
          • henlein is leader of sudetenland = hitler told him to spread discontent
            • german newspapers published alligations towards czechs. hitler threatened war
              • this lead to brink of war
      • from this, chamberlain thought there was an answer to everything that had gone on
        • argued that sudetenland should be able to self-govern
          • benez agreed
            • hitler disagreed, made new lst of demands that said he wanted sudetenland to be part of german reich
              • 22 december meeting between benez and hitler
                • benez refused hitlers want
                  • ment war was close
    • Munich agreement 1938
      • 29th september chamberlains last effort to maintain peace
        • met with hitler daladier and mussolini in munich to try and solve sudeten crisis
          • benez wasnt invited!
      • czechs forced to hand over sudetenland to hitler
        • result of munich agreement was britain and germany would not go to war
      • chamberlain returned a hero = preventing war
        • britain and france increased rate of  armament
      • czech government hugely humiliated
        • area of land they controlled was reduced
  • german newspapers published alligations towards czechs. hitler threatened war
    • this lead to brink of war


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