Why did the USSR expand in Eastern Europe?

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  • Why did the USSR expand in Eastern Europe?
    • Security
      • Stalin wanted friendly countries because the USSR had been invaded twice by Germany and once by the West in the 20th century.
        • Eastern Europe was seen by Stalin as a buffer zone against aggressive nations
          • This meant that it was important to have communists in control of countries in Eastern Europe
    • Memory of what happened in 1918-39
      • During this period
        • East European countries were hostile to the USSR
        • For example, Hungary and Romania sided with Nazi Germany. Poland sided with France.
    • Soviet expansionism
      • The West believed that Stalin’s foreign policy was characterised by aggressive expansionism
        • meaning that he deliberately wanted to spread communism around the world
    • The Percentages Deal
      • 1944
        • Stalin and Churchill met to divide parts of Europe between the USSR and Britain
          • This gave Stalin the impression that he was permitted to expand into Eastern Europe after the war.  


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