Why the supreme court opposed New Deal

Basic plan on why the Supreme court opposed the New Deal

a few specifics added

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  • Why did the Supreme Court oppose the New Deal
    • Republican 1861- 1933
      • Republican ascendancy 1921- 1933
      • 16 years of Democratic years
    • Sates Rights
      • President too powerful
      • (States Rights) Federal Gov. becoming too powerful at expense of state Gov.
    • Imperial Presidency
      • President too powerful
      • in 140 years before 1935, Supreme had found 60 unconstitutional policies/ acts
      • in first18 months of New Deal, Supreme found 11 acts/ policies that were unconstitutional
        • AAA (Butler Case)
        • NRA (Sick Chicken/ Schechter Case)
      • Roosevelt wanted to change Congress
        • Court Packing
    • Laissez- faire
      • stopped
      • market no longer free, Gov. controled
    • Four Horsemen of the opocalypse
      • The four most dominating Judges 1933
        • Conservative
      • 'Biblical reference' 4 things that will end the world
      • Difficult to get policies through


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