Why did the Republicans win The 1980 Presidential Election?

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  • Why did the Republicans win The 1980 Presidential Election?
    • Reagan's Personality
      • successful sports caster, good at capturing audience
      • great communicator
      • had negotiation skills- from his time in trade unions
      • manipulative
      • convincing performance
      • convincing performance
      • struggled to read people's emotions
      • fundraiser
      • political in general electric
      • believed in self-help, believing he would learn from his mistakes
      • handle responsibility from putting his alcoholic father to bed
    • Carter's Foreign Policy Failures
      • 1977 polls- only 38% approval of his foreign policy aims
      • 1980 polls- 18% felt he was a strong leader
      • SALT II- many didn't like how he associated with the USSR
      • Panama treaty- returned 31st December 1999
        • disliked by Americans
      • Iran Hostages- 1979 militants took control, seized US embassy, failed rescue mission
      • Lost Jewish Vote, lost involvement in Middle East and Israel
        • Palestinians treated unfairly
    • Carter's Economic Failures
      • Inflation= more expensive: loans, food, energy, mortgages
      • Inflation 1980= 12%
      • Interest rates 1980= 20%
      • Carter tried to halt government spending and voluntary wages
        • disliked
      • Paul Volcker- Chairman of federal rescue board
      • Unemployment 1980= 8.2 million
      • Business feared energy proposals
      • Asked for resignation of all cabinet secretaries and top aids
      • failures highlighted by Reagan
    • Challenges Within and to the democratic government
      • Without Carter there would be no Reagan
      • Voters suspicious of democrats, use Iran hostages to gain votes
      • different people in the party had different views- Muskie
      • Iran crisis lost Carter support
      • Republicans announced the democrats would say the hostages will be released soon
      • Eve of Reagan's inauguration hostages were freed
      • Blacks and labour felt Carter had done little to help them
      • Democrats preferred Teddy Kennedy to be their candidate
    • The rise of the New Right and how Reagan used it
      • The New Right
        • Right Wing Voters- Anti-everything
      • Jerry Falwell- Baptist Minister
        • TV show - Gospel show
        • his followers- Moral Majority- Right wing
      • Phyllis Schlafly
        • Lawyer and catholic mother of 6
        • Against  equal rights amendment (ERA) and abortion
        • 50,000 joined her Eagle Forum which mailed graphic images to legislators
        • Campaigned for women's skirts to be 2 inches below the knee
      • Reagan gains their support
        • Raise money
        • Many of their followers voted for Reagan




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