Why did the Reds win the Civil War?

Reasons for the Communist victory in the Civil War of 1918-1921

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  • Why did the Reds win the Civil War?
    • Disunity of the Whites
      • White forces fought for different goals
        • Some wanted democracy whilst some wanted tsarism
      • Some anti-Communist forces fought amongst themselves
    • Geographical factors
      • Could produce more munitions
      • Could use railways to send troops and distribute munitions
      • Could communicate more effectively
    • Organisation
      • More effective communication
      • Whites launched offensives at different times
      • Maximised weapon production through War Communism
    • The Terror
      • The Cheka removed political opposition
      • Civilians offered choice between joining army and execution
      • Able to feed the cities through grain requisitioning
    • Trotsky and the Red Army
      • Recruited former officers of Tsarist army to fight for Communists
        • Ensured their loyalty by holding their families hostage
      • Political officers assigned to all Red Army units
      • Trotsky toured every Front in the war, checking up on units and delivering speeches


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