Why the League of Nations failed

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  • Why did the League of Nations fail?
    • Membership
      • The USA never joined
        • The League lost financial and political support of the most powerful country-weakens the League's power,
        • It appears that the USA has abandoned her idea which sends the message that the League is doomed and seen as undesirable by the very who suggested it,
        • Any country could still trade with the USA, even if the League had imposed economic sanctions on that country so the sanction is pointless,
      • Britain and France dominate
        • It makes the L of N look like a winners club who will work for the other winners of WW1,
        • They put their own interests first and won't act in the interests of world peace-Manchuria and Abyssinia,
      • Japan and Italy
        • They undermined the League in the Manchurian/ Abyssinian Crisis and she left the League,
        • It shows that even a permanent council member didn't support the League and eventually destroyed it,
      • USSR
        • She was only allowed to join in 1934
        • She wasn't allowed to join before as there was a revolution and she was now communist which Europe feared,
        • If they were members before, they could have helped to stop the Manchurian and Abyssinian Crisis,
      • Germany
        • It looked like a winner's club as she was only allowed to join in 1926,
        • It lessens her support for the league when she does support her,
    • Organisation
      • Veto
        • Any country on the council could veto a decision which made it difficult to make a decision,
      • Council
        • Dominated by the permanent members who acted on their own decisions
      • Slow to make decisions
        • It took one year to investigate the Manchurian Crisis and 8 months for the Abyssinian,
    • Sanctions
      • Moral
        • Relies on good will of other members
        • Aggressive countries will ignore this,
      • Economic
        • Countries can still trade with the USA,
        • Countries imposing the sanctions will lose out financially so reluctant to do so in a depression,
      • Military
        • They had no army and no country wants to provide men after the massive human and financial cost of WW1,
    • World wide depression
      • Led to countries caring more about themselves than of world peace,
      • Led to rise of dictators who challeneged the League,


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