why did the cuban missile crisis occur

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  • why did the cuban missile crisis occur
    • castro overthrew batista = US cut trade with them
      • they looked towards USSR
    • Bay of pigs
      • less than 1500 cuban exiles supported by CIA
      • hoped it would cause an uprising against castro - it didnt
    • october 1962
      • US spy planes saw missile bases under construction in cuba
        • they were for soviet medium range ballistic missiles
    • kennedy's reputation was on the line
      • he used cuban exiles and 400 americans to blow up railways, shops and poison crops
        • led to castro appealing to khruschev
      • kennedy quarantined cuba - any sov ships entered = action would be taken
        • missiles were pointed at USSR and USSR ship = soviets turned away  = crisis averted for now
    • missiles needed to be removed from cuba
      • khrus agreed to remove missiles if US promised never to invade cuba
        • any US had to remove missiles from Turkey
        • ken. publically agreed to not invade cuba but quietly removed missiles from Turkey


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