Why did the English Civil War Break out

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  • Why did the Civil War break out in 1642
    • Long Parliament
      • Ends with the Beheading of Charles (But that not part of the course)
      • They never wanted war , maybe a different system
      • Pym was able to lead the opposition, something that was considered Treason
      • Opposition Aims
        • Sort out grievances
        • Secure Parliaments future
        • Get rid of there enemies
          • Laud had fallen Through destroyed
          • Stratford  Dead
        • Wanting to replace them with good ministers
          • After getting there way they get greedy
            • Secure Parliaments future
            • Sort out grievances
            • Get rid of there enemies
              • Laud had fallen Through destroyed
              • Stratford  Dead
            • Wanted control of the Army
            • Reform of the Church Bishops to have no power
    • Problems with Scotland made Charles recall parliament
      • Short Parliament
        • Becomes a failure as Charles thinks that Parliament will support him
          • But they don't and would rather see Scotland invades then help Charles
        • Distrust of Charles is absolute
        • Didn't want to fight a war against fellow protestants
        • Pym : New leader of the commons
        • Laud digs in and starts issuing new cannons
        • Chaarles dons't nede to haggle with parliament l
      • Second Bishops war ended personnel rule in 1640
    • Catholic Conspiracy
      • Henrietta Maria
        • Becomes a main voice after 41 as she is the last adviser left standing
      • Religion
      • Charles was always considered to be a Catholic -- Charles did little to say otherwise
    • Constitutional royalists were swung back to Charles after the 10 Propositions
      • It divided the commons
        • Only passed by a small majority


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