Why did the actions of the league in handling the Manchurian Crisi lead to failure?

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  • Why did the actions of the League in handling the Manchurian Crisis lead to failure?
    • It took a year to report on the situation,
      • By this point, Japan had already invaded Manchuria and settled in,
      • They used this time to prepare for invading more of china and to ready their army if necessary,
    • They didn't impose economic sanctions
      • This is because the USA was Japan's main trading partners so it would have been pointlessm
      • This means there is no non-aggressive way to make Japan leave Manchuria,
    • Britain wanted to maintain good relations with Japan so didn't want to upset her with sanctions,
    • The League didn't even ban the sale of arms
      • They were worried Japan would retaliate and it could lead to war,
    • Britain and France had no intention of using their armed forces against Japan
      • It was too far away and didn't personally affect them so it wasn't worth the cost,
      • Only the USSR and America had influence in this area and neither were in the League,


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