why did Stalin introduce the Great Terror?

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  • why did Stalin Start the Great terror?
    • Congress of victors
      • Congress came together to celebrate the "victories" of stalin's economic tactics
      • Voted for who they wanted on the central committee, Kirov got 1,225 votes Stalin got 927
      • Old Bolsheviks tried to convince Kirov to Stand for Stalin's job as General Secretary
      • Stalin found out and came to the conclusion that the Communist party could not be trusted
    • Paranoia
      • the congress of victors showed Stalin that the party could not be trusted
      • Stalin saw enemies in the party and wanted to remove them.
      • scared that Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kaminev had fallen from influence, so could he
      • believed his former    enemies where not wholly   followers of his plans
      • Some of the older Bolsheviks knew of what he had done to rise to power and how Lenin wanted him gone when he died
      • feared assassination from either the red army of the NKVD
      • Genrikh Yagoda fueled his paranoia by compiling evidence to surgest the peasants despised him for collectivization and some people in the party wanted to remove him
    • Economic benefits
      • served two purposes
        • more people in labour camps meant more slave labour
          • projects such as Magniogorsk where built with a large amount of slave labour and "willing volunteers
        • would give an excuse for the economic problems
          • wreckers in the economy where in cahoots with Trotsky and Kamanev
          • derived attention from the harshness of the five year plans
          • evidence that the terror was economically     motivated was the Trial of the Shakhty engineers and the Menshevik trials of 1931
            • trial of the agricultural officials 1933
              • both cases people where found guilty of economic sabotage
            • both cases people where found guilty of economic sabotage
    • Kirov's murder
      • immediate and public reason for the Terror
      • Stalin had attempted to keep Kirov out of the Politburo by sending him to Lenigrad
      • Stalin had been defeated by Kirov in a vote to get Mikhail Riutin executed
        • Riutin had sent around a letter that was highly critical of Stalin
      • Kirov was murdered in Leningrad
        • Blame shoved on a "Troskyite-Zinovievite" plot
          • this lead to Zinoviev and Kamanev being arrested
      • convenient for stalin, removed biggest threat and allowed him to execute two old enamies
        • gave Stalin an excuse to hunt down the people responsible for the plot. ie. Kirov's supporters
          • was actually a plot to remove Kirov and remove all who had voted against him


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