Why did Roosevelt win the 1932 election?

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  • Why did Roosevelt win the 1932 election?
    • Hoovers "lame duck" presidency
      • Hoover expected to lose so hardly tried
      • The Republican Party were stuck with Hoover
      • Many socialists felt it was important that Hoover was no re-elected
      • Too wrapped up in fighting the Depression to campaign effectively
      • Bonus Army badly affected Hoovers reputation
      • "too little, too late"
      • Bad press relations
      • Blamed for the depressions problems
    • Roosevelts campaign
      • Effective use of the radio
      • Loved by the press
        • Confidence & good humour
          • Determined to win
        • "Roosevelt" name a legend
      • Governor of NY - proactive in dealing with the Depression
      • Appealed to a diverse group of voters
      • End to prohibition
      • Varied his promises on who he was speaking to
      • Advised by the "Brains Trust"
    • Lack of party challenge
      • Socialists lost alot of support by opposing WWI
      • Socialists felt it was more important to get rid of Hoover than to vote socialist
      • Communists spent most of their time sniping at the socialists
      • Threat from the right almost non-existent


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