February revolution

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  • Why did revolution break out in February 1917 and what were the main events?
    • 18 February
      • Strikes  began at the putilov steel works
    • 26 February
      • Tsar Nicholas instructed the army to restore order; some shots were fired on the protestors
    • 3 March
      • Provisional committee renamed itself the Provisional Government and became responsible for running the country, along with the Petrograd Soviet
    • 27 February
      • Soldiers in Petrograd mutinied; this signalled turning point as up to this point the army had remained loyal to the Tsar; Nicholas ordered the Duma to dissolve but 12 members refused and set up a 'Provisional Government' one of them, Alexander Kerensky, demanded that Nicholas abdicate.
      • Workers began to form councils (soviets) and on 27th February the first meeting of the re-formed Petrograd Soviet of Soldiers' Sailors' and Workers' Deputies was held.
    • 23 February
      • International Women's Day, large numbers of women joined about 100,000 strikers on the streets of Petrograd to protest about the queues for food.
    • 25 February
      • There were strikes all over Petrograd with over 300,000 protestors on the streets.
    • 1 March
      • The Petrograd Soviet issued  Order Number One which took power from army officers and transferred it to the elected representati-ves of the soldiers.
    • 2 March
      • Nicholas decided to return to Petrograd and was met at Pskov; his generals advised him to abdicate, which he did.


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