Why did Peel repeal the corn laws- essay plan

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  • why did peel repeal the corn laws?
    • Strategic Conservatism
      • wanted to be "One nation tory"
      • Wanted to gain middle class votes
      • Middle class wanted it
    • Pressure from ACCL
      • ACCL had 4 MP's
      • Ultra Torys felt Peel was pressured
      • They represented middle class manufacturing industry (rising importance)
    • Response to Irish famine
      • Peel wanted to seem like Ireland mattered to the UK.
      • Untitled
    • Long term commitment to free trade
      • Peel's previous Cabinets were influenced by Adam SMith on free trade.
      • He was a "Liberal" who believed in free trade
      • he intended to repeal after the election, but other factors quickened this




This has been really useful, thank you
Would this format be most applicable to a 12 mark essay question, rather than a 24?

Caramel man


I'm not too sure, I did this for OCR history whereby this was used for a 50 mark essay question, so it would be more applicable for the bigger essay question I'd presume :)

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