Paper 2- Why did opposition to the nazis fail

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  • Why did opposition to the Nazis fail?
    • The Gestapo (Geheime Staats Polizei) or secret police.
      • was set up and run by Himmler after 1936
      • people were arrested and imprisoned without trail
        • evidence from informers was used, and people were encouraged to inform on neighbours, colleagues, even their own family
    • Creating an atmosphere of fear
      • Every block or street had its own warden to report on any behaviour that might suggest non-nazi views
        • eg: not giving the Hitler salute
      • It was impossible to know who was an informer and who was not.
      • Nazi 'people's court' tried people, often in secret.
    • The 'Burning of the Books'
      • 1934
      • Nazi students took books by Jewish or anti-nazi authors out of libraries and burnt them in huge bonfires.
      • Works by H.G Wells and the anti-war novel 'All quite on the western front', written by Erich Maria Remarque.
    • Goebbels
      • Controlled all forms of       communicat-ion
        • eg: Books, newspapers, film, newsreels, radio as well as music and the arts
      • No non nazi vies were ever heard. Only messages praising Hitler and the Nazis reached the public


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