Why did Harding win the 1920 election?

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  • Why did Harding win the 1920 election?
    • Wilsons legacy
      • illness meant he could not fufill his duties
      • the public found the deaths during the war upsetting
      • Public tired of Progressive reforms
      • USA physiologically drained from the war
      • Irish-Americas angry at the refusal to help Ireland at Versailies (had control over the Democrats in most large cities)
      • Americans keen to preserve themselves as the strongest industrial power
      • Many problems had emerged after the war e.g communism, race riots, immigration
    • Cox's campaign
      • Favoured the League of Nations
      • Not one German-language newspaper backed him
      • Continued Progressive reforms
    • Hardings campaign
      • Spent a huge amount of money on an advertising campaign
      • Rejected the League of Nations
      • Return to a traditional foreign policy
      • higher tariffs and lower taxes and private income
        • Appealed to big business
      • Support from African-Americans
      • Limits on immigration
      • Farm aid


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