why did detente come to an end in 1979

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  • why did detente come to an end in 1979?
    • new pres. Carter 1977
      • announced a new nuclear project - the USA's largest governmen funded construction project of all time
      • US public didnt like detente - they saw it as an amoral policy which had allowed sov influence to grow unchallenged
      • SALT 2 singed 1979 exposed tensions in the US gov between minority who were committed to detente and majority who wanted US to be harder against USSR
    • Afghanistan 1979
      • brezhnev saw the invasion of afghan as maintaining hes hold in the middle east rather than expansion
      • US saw russians as expanding
      • sov. violations of agreements met at Helsinki
      • as a result of the invasion- US congress refused to ratify SALT 2 treaty


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