why did Clinton lose the 2008 Democratic nomination?

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  • Why did Clinton lose the 2008 Democratic nomination?
    • Bill Clinton
      • he behaved badly throughout the entire contest– reminding people of what they didn't like during the Clinton years. Tried to marginalise Obama as a black candidate.
    • Losing the money primary
      • Clinton built the best fund-raising machine of the 20th century, but Obama built the best of the 21st century. Clinton lost the money primary. She focused on big money donors or ‘fat cats’, while Obama targeted small but repeat donors
    • No Plan past Super Tuesday
      • She believed that she would have won the nomination by the 5th of February so there was no need to plan past that date. Obama managed to draw on Super Tuesday, but then went on to win 11 consecutive contests a 100+ lead in pledged delegates.
    • Poor Organisation, personnel and management
      • campaign based on the past. Significant personnel weaknesses– Doyle and Penn. She did little to stop the in-fighting back home among advisors
    • Primary calendar and Party rules
      • If the democrats allowed winner takes all contests, and if the calendar had been different Clinton would gave stood a better chance. If California and new York were winner-takes-all she would have had 259 delegates
    • Change, not experience
      • Clinton ran on experience not change. However the electorate wanted change not experience
    • Iowa Defeat
      • Clinton finished 3rd in Iowa which meant that she was always on the defensive from there on. She also only won New Hampshire by 3% points. Lacked the momentum.


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