Why are some people prejudice?

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  • Why are some people prejudice?
    • Fear
      • Fear is a natural instinct
        • If you are scared by someone you may without realesing it be prejudice towards someone.
    • Upbringing
      • People are highly influenced by people around them
        • Especially parents
        • If people around you are prejudice, you can adopt this view.
    • Media & Peer pressure
      • The media can pro-tray certain groups badly.
      • Society can become divided and there can be tension between groups.
        • EX. Highworth and towers.
    • Stereotyping
      • If one person of that social group does something wroung
        • People can easily stereotype that entire group.
    • A personal bad expierence
      • If in the past you have been hurt by someone of a specific "group"
        • It is only human nature to then be scared of that "group" of people.
    • A victim of discrimination
      • If someone  discriminates you
        • you can start to see their social group the same way
          • Meaning you become prejudice.


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