Why are diseases important ?

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  • Why are diseases important ?
    • WHO- the world health organisation
      • Maintain that good health is human right and poor health causes suffering and reduced productivity
      • In Ledc's the following factors contriubte to poor health: Poverty, lack of shelter, lack of purified water,poor nutrition, poor hygeine, lack of investment from governments, civil warfare, lack of knowledge of causes of disease and how to recognise symptoms
    • Malaria
      • 3 million people die each year
      • 300 million people affected with malaria
        • This is limited to areas where the anopheles mosquito can survive( tropical regions)
          • Because of global warming there is a risk of the mosquitio being able to survive further north
        • 90% of those living or dieing from malaria are from sub saharan africa
    • TB
      • World wide disease and it was declared a public health emergency in 1993
      • FACTS
        • in 2005 there were 8.8 million new cases of tb
        • In 2005 1.6 million people died from tb
        • 1% of the worlds population is newly infected with the bacteria each year, 10-15% of these people go on to develop the disease
        • it is estimated that 30% of the worlds population may be infected
      • Tb is common in sub saharan africa, asia and eastern europe
    • HIV/AIDS
      • HIV/AIDS is a worldwide pandemic
      • in 2005 45 million people were living with hiv/aids and 30 million people died from hiv/ aids related disease
      • each year 5 million people are newly infected with it
      • its common in sub saharan afria, but the numbers are spreading in asia,russia and europe


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