Britain 1930-1997- Why was WC out of office so long?

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  • Why was WC out of office for so long? 1929-1939
    • Why?
      • Seen as old-fashioned + out of touch
      • Disastrous Gallipoli campaign headed by WC in WW1
      • Returned UK to gold standard in 1925 when chancellor of exchequer but Uk had to leave again in 1931.
      • Took up a series of unpopular causes + seen as reckless.
    • India
      • Most believed that negotiating with Indian nationalists was necessary.
      • WC believe in uncompromising opposition against Indian independence.
    • Edward VIII
      • Many conservatives did not agree with behaviour of Edward when he was a Prince.
      • Wanted to marry American divorcee.
      • Many against the match but WC supported them.
    • Rearmament
      • UK economy weak
      • Most against rearmament
      • WC supported rearmament even when this was deeply unpopular
    • Concessions to AH
      • WC thought Uk should resist German expansion
      • Opposed appeasement policy.
      • War still deeply unpopualr w/ Uk people/ politicians


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