Why was the Tet Offensive a turning point in the Vietnam war?

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  • Why was the Tet Offensive a turning point in the Vietnam war?
    • President Johnson
      • Wouldn't go for reelection
      • Was hated
      • Reduced bombing campaigns like Rolling Thunder Bird
      • 1968 begins peace conference with Vietcong
    • American Public Opinion
      • Disillusioned
        • Spending $20 billion a year
          • Killing people and destroying towns
        • Loosing
    • Pressure on USSR/China
      • 1970- SALT(Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) with USSR
      • Nixon invited to China 1972
      • Wanted both countries to persuade North Vietnam to end the war
    • Vietnamistion
      • Build up of local forces and leave them when they are as good as the Americans
      • Did it with South Vietnamese Army
      • Between April 1969 and end of 1971 400,000 US troops left Vietnam
    • Outcome in military terms
      • Held in Saigon had to regain control room by room
      • Communists lost 10,000 men
      • US spent $20 billion mostly on artillery and aircrafts
    • Peace conference in Paris 1973, January
      • Le De Tho, Nixon and South Vietnamese president Thiem
      • 1) immediate cease fire
      • 2) Release of all POW in 60 days
      • 3) withdrawal of US troops
      • 4) Full accounting of men missing in action
      • 5) Self determination for South Vietnam
    • What did the Vietcong do at Tet?
      • 1968 Tet New Year Vietcong attacked over 100 cities
      • US forces had to fight room by room to regain control
      • US embassy was attacked and took 2 days to regain control
    • Media
      • Started questioning the war in 1967
      • Disillusion they would win
      • Walter Crokite asked 'what the hell is going on


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