Why did Anne Boleyn get executed?

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  • Why was Anne Boleyn executed?
    • Anne Boleyn
      • What her intentions were in 1536
        • To provide a male heir for Henry.
          • miscarried at least once.
      • Her actions
        • She was flirty and she liked gossip.
        • She did not know how to behave like a lady and was extremely opinionated.
      • What did Henry do?
        • Chopped her head off.
    • Thomas Cromwell
      • What his intentions were
        • To prove  Anne was unfaithful and get a divorce
      • What actions he took to achieve this
        • Investigated relationship with Henry Perry and tortured Mark Smeaton
      • The extent that they achieved their actions
        • Used spies in Anne's household --> very successful
    • Henry VIII
      • What was his intentions?
        • To have a male heir and divorce Anne
      • What actions he took to achieve this
        • Courted Jane Seymour and asked Cromwell to deal with Anne
      • The extent that they achieved their actions
        • Got divorced and married Jane but had no male heir guaranteed until later
    • Jane Seymour
      • What were her intentions?
        • To marry henry
      • Her actions
        • She was modest and homely.
        • She also refused to be his mistress and was not willing to have a relationship unless she was made queen.
      • The extent that they achieved their actions
        • She's asked to marry Henry a day after Anne's execution.
        • She later marries Henry.
    • Duke of Norfolk
      • What were his intentions?
        • To remove Anne as queen because of her religious meddling.
        • He also wanted to promote Jane Symour as a possible wife.
      • His actions
        • spread rumours and got conservative support from other families for Jane.
      • The extent that he achieved his actions
        • Anne was executed and made Jane queen.


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