Why wars occur

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  • Why Wars Occur
    • Religion
      • One country may feel that another country is treating the followers of their religion badly. So they attack the other country to help the people of their religion
      • The majority of an area is a certain religion but the country as a whole is another religion
      • Differences within a religion and one religious group attacks another group within their religion because they do not agree with something
    • Nationalism and Ethnicity
      • E.g. when two political parties are fighting each other for power- different countries support different groups and the UN is trying to bring peace
    • Economics
      • Some people believe Iraq was invaded because they had a lot of oil reserves
      • Economic problems in one country can lead to conflict in another country e.g. refugees
    • Ideology and political differences
      • Each separate ethnic group should have its own country because it has a different culture. The minority group will fight civil wars to establish an independent state
      • A minority ethnic group should be removed from the country so the nation is only one ethnic group
      • Ethnic tensions usually arise in countries that have had artificially created borders as a results of colonialism


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